Arts Week at St Joseph's

​This week students are enjoying learning with our amazingly talented team of expert teachers. Classes are rotating through four of the five strands of The Arts Curriculum. Students are engaging in:

  • Music with Miss Graham
    Students are learning about the elements of music, such as, pitch and rhythm, and demonstrating aural skills to differentiate between elements of music
  • ​Dance with Mrs Toms
    Students are learning to use elements of dance and choreographic devises to represent mood and to collaborate to make dances and perform with control, accuracy, projection, and focus
  • ​Media Arts with Miss Hargraves
    Depending on the year level, students are learning to investigate and devise representations of people in their community, including themselves, through settings, ideas and story structure in images, sounds and text
  • ​Drama with Mrs Oppy
    Students are learning to use story structures, to shape drama for a variety of audiences. Mrs Oppy has even written the script for the 4,5 & 6 students to perform.

This week of intensive Arts learning has provided an opportunity for student gifts and talents to shine in a variety of ways!

We are looking forward to sharing photos and videos of the performances with you on Class Blogs.