Confirmation Mass

​There was a real buzz at the Saint Joseph’s church over the weekend. On Saturday evening, we officially welcomed a group of students into our St Joseph’s Parish community through the sacrament of Confirmation. We wish to congratulate our candidates; Angus, Isabella and Ella on this significant and wonderful milestone. A big thank you to Father Biju, Bishop Ken, parents, staff and sponsors for supporting and preparing the children for the sacrament of Confirmation. We know all the children appreciate the love and support that has been provided to them at this important milestone in their lives. I also wish to congratulate Mrs Bryant, Kim Koster, Oonagh and our school choir who led the congregation during our Confirmation Mass. We, as a school community, couldn’t be prouder. Our choir students have been spending many hours rehearsing and they were very excited to share with us a snippet of what they were learning at our end of term Mass this week. They had us up and dancing in the pews….BIG kids included! Thank you to our choir for lifting our spirits.