Fr Bryan's Visit

​St Joseph’s Learners, were blessed yesterday to have a visit from Fr Bryan Pepin. Bryan (as he is happy to be called) is the Parish Priest for Murgon. He has committed to St Joseph’s School and Parish to be here in 2021 every Tuesday. Yesterday, the Learners got to know Bryan by asking him questions about himself. The children were very impressed that he was in the army and that ‘he blew things up and set booby traps.’ They asked him about his age, his favourite pet, where he worked in the Philippines, what other countries he had worked in, how long he was in the army and how long was he an army chaplain etc.

Bryan was able to demonstrate to our learners how he blesses water to make it Holy Water. Then using the Holy Water, he proceeded to bless each Year 6 Learner while holding their paver with their names on it. He used the Holy Water to also bless all our Learners.​

The Year 6 Leaders also handed over the bowl and towel to the incoming Year 5 Learners to leadership in 2021. Bryan discussed with the learners why the bowl and towel were very important symbols in this process. He explained the ‘Washing of the Feet’ at the Last Supper and how it was Jesus who washed the feet as an act of service and respect for all.

The Learners enjoyed hearing the history of how people walked in Jesus’ time, the streets barefoot or with open sandals, in the sewage and dirt. To clean someone’s feet is a symbol of humility and selfless love of Jesus and others made in the image of God.