Happy Easter

​The reason Christians celebrate Easter is not to remember the unjust execution of Jesus Christ but because, miraculously, this was not the end of His story. The dramatic reversal of events that all human experience before and since associates with finality and irreversibility is the basis of one of Christianity’s most essential qualities - hope. For Christians, Jesus’ resurrection from the dead affirms that nothing is beyond the redeeming grace of God and that death itself is not the final denouement it appears to be. You don’t need to be a believing Christian to be buoyed by the message of hope that Christians see in the events of the first Easter. The simple message of Easter…Christian or not… is that redemption is always at hand. As desperate as things may seem, life bursts forth in the most unexpected way. And the life we celebrate is marked by the love we share with one another in human relationships.

I wish a very Happy Easter to all our students, staff, families and friends. May the peace, joy and love of the Risen Lord be with you and your families this Easter and I pray that everyone, if possible, has a restful and peaceful Easter.