Mothers' Day Celebrations

​For myself, I’ve learnt about love from the mothers in my life. Those in my family, those who are my friends and those who bring their children to our school every day have taught me about unconditional love.

Last Friday was a joyous occasion as we celebrated Mother’s Day as a school community. It was so special to watch our students deliver flowers to mums, nanas, aunties, teachers, school officers and secretaries in their seats. For me, it communicated really clearly, that the relationships within our school are far deeper than merely transferring knowledge teacher to child. In a very genuine and caring way, students here love their teachers and support staff, and in just as genuine a way, that love is reciprocated. It is so very special to have so many parents celebrate Mothers’ Day here with us at school. It is a very public expression of how united we are on what we value as a community. Thank you for joining us!​