​In 2020, St. Joseph’s students will sit the NAPLAN tests online. As part of the school’s preparation for this our Years 2, 4 and 6 students participated in a School Readiness Test. This test is designed to check the capacity of the school to ensure the tests can be run effectively. All students will participate in an omnibus test that has questions across both Literacy and Numeracy. Years 4 and 6 will also complete a writing task online. In 2020, Year 3 will still complete a paper writing task.

There is no result for students provided from these tests as it is solely designed to provide information to the school about its capacity to run the tests.

​Preparation for the online tests: 

​Sample online mini-tests for writing, reading, conventions of language and numeracy for each NAPLAN test year level are available on the NAPLAN Online public demonstration site . These mini-tests contain example questions that show the types of technology-enhanced features used in NAPLAN Online, such as interactive navigation and features such as drag and drop. The site will not record or store responses or generate assessment reports because the main purpose of the demonstration tests is to familiarise students, teachers and parents with NAPLAN Online item types and functionalities.