Sports News

Athletics Carnival - We were proud, as staff and parents, to see our students display acts of sportsmanship during the Athletics Carnival last Friday. From a shake of the hand at the end of the race to students running beside and cheering on youngers students, encouraging them to the finish line…yet again, we were proud of the sportsmanship and spirit our students brought to the carnival. Congratulations students! On another note, I wish to thank the many staff and parent volunteers who made the day a success. From line marking and an early set up, to afternoon pack up and the organisation and preparation of food to ensure all participants were all well fed. I am forever grateful for your support and the way you all "chipped in" to get the job done. Thank you, also, to Jody Doyle who spent hours in the lead up to the carnival preparing the program to ensure a smooth running of the day.

Due to the wet weather this week, our 200m event was cancelled. This event will take place early next term.

The announcement of Age Champions and overall house winner will still be announced at assembly this Friday. The 200m event will not change the current standings, therefore we can announce Age Champions this Friday at assembly. We hope to see you there!