Term 4 is Transition Time

​​Humans are creatures of habit. Even when we welcome it, change takes more energy. So perhaps it is not surprising that children often find it difficult to make transitions between activities, places and objects of attention. Trouble with transitions might come from a place of fear. “It could be fear of the unknown, or fear of what’s going to happen when they’re put in a new situation,” notes Dr. Rosenthal.

Our Year 6 students have already begun their transition to High School with days at their prospective schools. St. Joseph’s 2021 Prep students have had their pre-prep days and are excited to be coming to ‘big’ school next year.

Other classes will be transitioning in various ways throughout the term, both formally and informally. Below are some examples of how this may occur:

  • Dance lessons – P-2, 3/4 & 5/6 groupings
  • Yr 1 students doing some of their learning in 2/3
  • Yr 5 students learning with Year 6
  • Yr 3 students doing some of their learning with Yr 4 It is important to note that the students are still working at their own level and on their own curriculum, but the learning is happening in a different classroom with a different teacher. Further, staffing is yet to be finalised and will be announced as soon as possible.