The Good Samaritans of St Joseph's

One of my favourite things to do at St Joseph’s is to organise and attend carnivals…whether they be our swimming, athletics or cross country…I thoroughly enjoy them. Perhaps it because of my competitive nature but often too I get to see and celebrate the achievements of our students outside the four walls of the classroom. It brings community together.

Last Thursday, I witnessed sportsmanship and what it means to be a “Good Samaritan” at its very best. At St Joseph’s and in our present day society, we have come to be acquainted with the phrase “Good Samaritan”, attributing it to a helper in times of need. Of the teachings of Jesus, the parable of the Good Samaritan is undoubtedly the most famous, known to Christians and non-Christians alike. His parable is, of course, about responsibility, about caring for others no matter whom or what they may be.

At last week’s Cross Country, many staff and parents witnessed our students be not only good sports, but “Good Samaritans”. I heard many stories of students walking with other students while they caught their breath. I witnessed two students run alongside and encourage another student until they completed the race. I saw another student fall over, only for another student to stop, run back and check on them. I saw high fives and heard, “congratulations” and “well done” to fellow competitors. You don’t have to watch the news for Good Samaritan stories, we have them right here in our school community. "Love" can mean many different things, but the "Christian love" that Jesus talked about in the parable of the Good Samaritan means treating others with kindness and respect and helping them when they need it. It is the kind of love we do instead of the kind of love we feel. In a catholic school, the example we set for our students is paramount. Our students should be seeing in staff, fellow peers and parents the integrity, the humbleness, resilience, fairness, truthfulness and joy…..the signs that come from living as Christians who see joy in others. Despite our mistakes and frailties, how we treat others should be a source of inspiration to our children. Last Thursday, our students were a source of inspiration to me and no doubt, many of you.

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