Finishing Strongly

Traditionally, November is a month where Catholics remember significant people from the past. All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. All Saints’ Day was dedicated to remembering significant people from our Christian tradition and All Souls’ Day was set aside for us to pause, remember and pray for family and friends who have passed. The tradition is a good one. As I begin organising and clearing my files, letters and photos uncovered, remind me of both happy and sad times and the special people who I have been privileged to meet and work with. It comes with a sense of gratitude for all the great people who have come into my life.

After a year that has challenged us all, it is great to be finishing strongly. This week we acknowledged the hard work of all of our students at the annual Awards Night. Our Year 6 students lead our proceedings beautifully. We judge ourselves on the qualities of our graduates, and this year we are very proud of our final year students. We thanked Mrs Evans for her amazing contribution to our school. She has been a truly remarkable colleague, role model and the knowledge and experience she shares so readily, has made our school a wonderful place for children to learn. Award’s night also reminded me that our year was nearly at an end, and what a year we have had together. Everything from a $3.2 million build to community events, we’ve enjoyed success in classrooms, in Music, in a range of sports, in Instrumental Music, and in Maths Olympics. We’ve vastly improved student access to technology and integrated it successfully into classrooms. We’ve had excursions, performances at school, wonderful liturgies and tremendous whole of school celebrations. It really has been amazing, and I just wanted to say thank you for journeying through it all with us this year. It has been busy and stressful at times, but mostly it has been fun and exciting, and a year in which we can be very proud of what we have collectively achieved. It has been quite a year. Thank you for meeting the challenges with us. Between now and the last day of school, we look forward to seeing you at one or all of our end of year celebrations.

Last Day of School Arrangements

On our last day, Friday 2 December at 11am, we have a Whole of School Liturgy in the church. We will farewell Mrs Evans and Year 6 students as they ring the church bell and depart the school grounds as St Joseph’s students for the very last time. All are welcome to attend this liturgy. Students are welcome to wear a Christmas shirt on the last day but must wear the remainder of the school uniform (shorts, skorts, socks, black shoes etc) We kindly ask that you pick up your child from outside the church at 12pm. No buses will be running at this time.

Academic Report Cards

Report Cards will be distributed via the Parent Portal on Wednesday 30 November. If you have any problems accessing the Parent Portal, please contact the office before this time.