Grateful for Each and Every Day

​Having been the principal of this small, rural Catholic school in Gayndah now for almost two years and having come from the APRE/PLL role prior, I was finally beginning to feel like I had some clue how to be in a position that demanded so much on so many levels. Truth be told….2022 has proven to be a steep learning curve for me, particularly with navigating Covid, a new multi-million dollar build and staffing shortages. With that said, I am blessed to work alongside an amazing group of people who I get to share this journey with. A walk through any classroom will reveal the efforts staff go to in order to engage children in their learning. I love observing the different interactions as I move around our school. I see school officers sort out a tuckshop order because a child forgot to put their order in. I see a teacher here after school tutoring students to support them with their learning. I see staff setting up for Book Week and greeting students as they come dressed in their favourite character. I see teacher meetings with parents before and after school. I watch children go out of their way to greet teachers and observed a little girl present a teacher with a picture she had drawn just because she wanted to make her feel special. It is for interactions like those above that we need to say thank-you. Our school does well academically, but teaching knowledge and skills is only a part of what we do. We also teach spirituality, discipline, and respect. We encourage humility, forgiveness and kindness and we affirm effort and character. In developing good individuals, we build good classes. We are far from perfect, and as with all humans there are flaws. That said, I have never worked with finer people, and I am grateful each and every day to work with such a highly skilled and professional group of people.​​