Gunther Village Visits

​​This term, students have been making fortnightly visits to Gunther Village and spending some time with the aged care residents. It is quite uplifting to see the positive interactions that these meetings foster. Whether playing a game of Bingo, performing a song or simply sharing some learning, these experiences are mutually beneficial, for both young and old.

As a Catholic community we aim to develop our young people’s understanding of “the other”. That is to be compassionate and empathic towards people who are not like themselves.

Jesus modelled this in his actions and teachings. He never judged people of a lesser social, economic or religious status than himself. He went out of his way to help people that society had cast away.

It is interesting to see how the students’ apprehension at this experience decreases as they begin to talk with the elderly residents and find common ground. It is a pretty transformative experience and one that is very worthwhile. This week our Year 1/2 students are looking forward to their visit as they have some questions for the residents about the toys that they played with when they were children.


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