Project Compassion Fundraising

Fundraising activities continue over the coming weeks, including the Year 3/4’s Fried Rice Friday this week (10 March). The Year 6s will then be organising St Joey’s Mil​kshakes next Thursday (16 March) in preparation for St Joseph’s Feast Day on the Friday. Then on Friday of Week 9 (24 March) they will be selling ‘Frog in a Purple Ponds’ to raise money for Project Compassion, but also to raise awareness for epilepsy through Purple Day.

The Year 3/4s are also promoting a 10c bottle collection initiative through Containers for Change to raise money for Project Compassion. This also promotes stewardship and care for our common home.

Thank you in advance for your support of these fundraising activities. They provide students with hands-on experiences to support their learning and awareness about social justice.