Read, Read, Read

​​​​​Students should be reading each night and a book could be read multiple times to a student, depending on the length of the text. A child could be listening to an adult read, reading to an adult or older sibling, or independently reading.  ​Reading at home should be easy, as we want to develop confident students who have a love for reading.

Comprehension and retell of the events from the text is important when reading and can affect your child’s reading ability. Your child may draw or write events in sequence, talk about the characters emotions or comment on why they did/did not like the book. All the discussions and dialogue you have with your child about their books will enhance their reading ability and develop their language experience around different texts.

The same approach should be taken with their library book. Take the opportunity to read to your child or listen to them read, and then discuss, write or draw the events, what strategies you used for ‘tricky’ words or what you thought of the characters etc. While we encourage our students to be reading every day, we don’t expect extra activities are completed at home. This is not homework, rather a simple guide to support your child as a reader.

Remember…reading at home should be easy and should be for enjoyment. We want to develop confident readers who have a love of reading. Just 10 minutes a day can make a HUGE difference!