Sharing our Learning via Facebook

​I just had a quick look and now over 480 people follow our Facebook Page, and to be honest, I’m really not that surprised. When you look at our posts from the last two weeks alone, you get a feeling for our school. You will be impressed by the way students succeeded with reading and writing. You will be moved by what Year 5/6 taught us about Our Lady of Fatima during their assembly. You will feel the excitement and joy our students felt when they met a real-life children’s author. You will be excited to see the new build is slowly progressing. You could be forgiven for thinking our school to be a very busy place…yet it’s not. Rather, we’re productive – and there’s an enormous difference. All of us, students included, know the difference between being busy and being productive – between ‘busy work’ and learning. We aim to make considered choices about how we invest our time, and we look actively for opportunities that help children to learn and to develop. I’d suggest that one of the reasons we see such amazing commitment from both our staff and our students, is that they know the work and the learning they engage in is important. We have Facebook, simply so that our community can share in the learning that our students engage in, and it is really affirming to know that so many school families and community members show interest.