Smooth Return to School


You’ve probably guessed that a fair amount of thought and work went into doing all we could to make the return to school as smooth and as safe as we possibly could. Even over the weekend before, we spent time ensuring that plans were in place and contingencies considered. Mentally, we had prepared ourselves to expect some challenges, but we also had the confidence to know that we had done everything possible to prepare. You were all a part of it and I can’t thank our staff, families and students enough. Parents supported the school with the changes to school procedures in a way that exceeded our expectations. Students jumped straight back into routines – caring only about catching up with friends and meeting their 2022 teachers. Staff responded as they always have – rising to the challenge with minimal fuss.

I really must make special mention of the Preps and their parents. Starting ‘big’ school is a huge step, and parents must have prepared them so well. The way in which parents took them over, gave them a good-bye hug, and left was so very respectful. The kids themselves – amazing. They have settled in effortlessly and our Year 6 leaders have enjoyed fussing over them. 

Our challenge — as individuals, and collectively this year — is to respond in a way that pushes us forward, not holds us back. That can be a tall order, especially in the midst of a pandemic. But if we’ve learned anything in the last two years, it’s that we can all pull together for the good of the community. That’s certainly a great strategy to continue in the year to come.