St Joseph's Parish Fete - 25th November

​We are so grateful for the generosity and support of our Major Sponsors for our Parish Fete. Thanks to the help of our sponsors, we have some great prizes for our Major Draw Raffle. Thank you to the following sponsors….


We are also starting to collect items for our Trash and Treasure stall. No doubt, everyone has something at home that they don't really want but that is too good to simply throw out. These items may be old. In some cases, very old or brand new. It is nice to have a good selection of both. Some people love to pick up a bargain item that's never been used. To others, nothing beats the thrill of a good rummage through a mound of bric-a-brac in the hope of unearthing some desirable knick knack. We are kindly asking for donations for the ‘Trash and Treasure’ stall. Any items can be dropped off at the Front Office. We cannot accept electrical or damaged goods. 

We are also hosting a Tupperware Party in the staffroom at St Joseph's for all parents, friends and staff to come along to. This will assist us in items for our Major Draw Raffle. The Tupperware Party is on Sunday 23 October at 2pm. Refreshments and nibblies will be provided. We hope you can join us.