World Teachers Day


World Teachers’ Day ​is a day when we rightfully acknowledge the enormous contribution each and every one of our staff make to our community. If you dare, think back to the early days of Covid – when we knew very little about the virus. It was school staff who unlike most professions - were never offered the option of staying home. Every one of our staff fronted up, worked with the children of other essential workers, and offered both school supervision and Learning from Home at a moment’s notice. It was an enormous task – one we will never forget – and something we should be enormously grateful for. Commitment and generosity are seen all the time through sport, camps, Chinese, music, library lessons, excursions….the list goes on. You can see staff cars well before 8:00 each morning at the front carpark, and the commitment of our staff to out of hours work is second to none.

Every staff member is integral and each one of our staff members brings individual gifts, energy and commitment and together they create a community, a culture and a sense of purpose that we all value very highly. I am forever blessed to work alongside a group of extraordinary staff. All very different and unique to each other, but all extraordinary in their own way. I am grateful for their love of the profession and how they add colour to it every day. They are passionate about teaching values and do justice to their mission. They walk the extra mile on a daily basis for all students. A walk through any classroom will reveal the efforts staff go to in order to engage children in their learning. Our staff are for the most part confident, and if they are not, they portray confidence because we learn from people who believe in themselves.

Only people who love family, really understand how important children are to their parents. Our staff get this and engage often and readily with parents. Staff have to operate out of values and with integrity. Kids sense nonsense very quickly, and staff who don’t walk their talk are judged very quickly and astutely. It is good that we are held accountable for this – it makes us better people. The absolute best thing though, is the respectful relationships we see. Out of that respect, children here do try to improve both their learning and their character. Staff here do challenge students to be the best version of themselves, and because of the quality of the relationships, they respond. Our staff are far from perfect, and as with all humans there are flaws. That said, I have never worked with finer people. We are so well placed to celebrate World Teachers’ Day.