Reporting To Parents

​Reporting is viewed as an important and integral part of teaching and learning here at St Joseph’s. Parents are offered many and varied opportunities throughout the year to receive updated information and discuss their child’s progress. Parent/teacher Information Evenings, school and class newsletters, parent/teacher interviews, an interim report,  viewing and discussion of student work through a Celebration of learning Evening and a formal report card are some of the ways in which staff endeavour to keep parents informed and to support the home and school working in partnership to foster each child’s development.

Reporting Procedures for 2012

Term 1: Celebration of Learning Evening

Term 2: Interim Report Card and Parent/Teacher Interviews

Term 3: Celebration of Learning Evening & Opportunity for Parent/Teacher Interviews

Term 4: Report Card and Parent/Teacher Interviews upon request

Parents can request interviews at any time throughout the year by advance appointment for the convenience of both parent and teacher.