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A few weeks ago I talked to the importance of students enjoying the experience of learning and highlighted how I intended to showcase when that is happening in our classrooms on a regular basis. This week I want to take some of the images shared on our P and F Facebook page and elaborate a little more in order to bring our parents even closer to the action.

familyfeud.jpgamily Feud – School Rules Edition. On assembly last week we spent time looking at our school rules as part of a Family Feud Game. The opportunity was made to look at how we ‘Respect Ourselves and Others’ as well as ‘Right Place, Right Time, Right Task’. At this time of the year it doesn’t hurt to review such elements within the school because as the term moves on students do become tired, there is always elements of sickness around and poor judgement starts to creep in. In place of reacting to situations I find it much more beneficial to be proactive and look at the benefits of following our rules and supporting ourselves and our peers.

The thought of prepscience.jpgusing shaving cream, water and food colouring with children under 6 is one that would send most parents into a fragile state. Prep however was a hive of activity last week when they explored just how clouds and rain work. The experience of creating their own storm had students champing at the bit to learn and create their own. You could see the excitement on their faces as they dropped the colouring into the glass. Fortunate for me there was no shortage of volunteers who wanted to unpack with me what they were learning about with the weather. NOTE: All prep parents are encouraged to come along for an Open Morning in Prep following the assembly on Friday. The morning is an opportunity to come in and see more of what your child has been learning this term and participate in a few activities together.

Nchineselessons.jpgi Hao, měi gè rén dōu. (Hello, everyone) This next picture captures our Year 3 and 4 students engrossed in their Chinese language lesson. Learning how to greet people in front of the group, sharing the language with their peers and building their understanding of Chinese culture is all part of the learning experience. Our teachers are based overseas and work with the students through our interactive whiteboards, webcams and speakers. I’m sure you have heard of the fun filled Chinese lessons and if you haven’t today is the perfect opportunity to ask.

learningfun.jpgLearning is fun, however not all learning is subject based. Sometimes the most important learning happens outside of the classroom in the way we treat one another, the way we get along or even just how we can have fun together by remembering to share and be positive. The school officers who support structured play, do an amazing job and this picture captures the real joy of being at school. Learning when you don’t even realise it…….


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