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As we come to the end of May (hard to believe it’s gone so quickly) so too does our celebration of reading month. Over the past four weeks we have seen our students participate in the National Simultaneous Read-A-Loud Day, Book Fair and multiple workshops with local poet Kathryn Apel. The culminating activity for our school community is our Family Reading Morning on Tuesday the 31st of May. From 9am we throw open the doors to the library and spread ourselves across the deck to take a moment to celebrate the joy of reading. We welcome one and all to join us for this marvellous occasion. By joining us for the morning you will be helping to reinforce with your children the significance of reading as a lifelong skill and that when shared together only enhances the experience. I have heard on the grapevine that there will be a special guest joining us to share one of her (there’s a hint) favourite childhood stories!

In light of this celebration of reading, I have detailed in the newsletter the stages of reading that we as a school utilise on a daily basis which really provides a clear framework that parents can enter into quite easily from a home perspective. Some nights you may choose to focus on one area more than another and that’s ok. I wouldn’t expect that you get through every stage each night and always remember the golden rule of reading and that is; keep it short, make it enjoyable and don’t be afraid to be flexible in its delivery. On a practical basis my advice would be don’t exceed 20 minutes unless driven by the child, make the content relative so that you child takes enjoyment from reading and don’t be afraid to take turns reading, you do all the reading sometimes, or for our younger ones try making up a story from simply looking at the pictures.



On Tuesday 24th May, we celebrated Under 8s Day on Tuesday at Gayndah State School with a variety of fun, interesting activities aimed at our younger students. Old McDonald’s Farm was there, along with a jumping castle and Gay Dan, the Orange Festival mascot, even visited!. 

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