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Welcome to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Gayndah


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Smusic.bmpt Joseph's History

As we prepare our school song and school prayer, we are taking the time to discover more about our school story. I would like to share with you a little of the history of St. Joseph’s Parish and school.

The school and parish of St. Joseph’s, Gayndah have a long history. As Gayndah is one of the oldest towns in Queensland, it is no surprise to discover that the history of Catholic education in the area is also very long. On September 13th, 1919, Archbishop James Duhig and Mother Mary Marcella (Sisters of the Good Samaritan Mother General) arrived in Gayndah for the opening and blessing of the new convent. By this stage, the parish was in its third church (having lost the first two to natural disasters) and the local parishioners had worked together to build the school and convent. St. Joseph’s School was not intended to be opened until January, 1920, but on his visit, Archbishop Duhig announced that the opening of the school would be on October 6th, 1919.

The school opened with 56 pupils and before the end of that first year the student numbers had increased to 70. The school was run by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan and the pupils taught by Sister M Adrien, Sister Angela and Mother Mary Marcella. In 1969, the schools Golden Jubilee Year, there was still an enrolment of around seventy pupils. Many families have continued to send their third and fourth generation children to St. Joseph’s School. In 1990, the Good Samaritan Sisters entrusted the leadership of the school to its first lay Principal, Mr Lindsay Dean. The Good Samaritan Sisters continued to take an active part in school activities until 2005 with Sister Eunice Osborne being the last sister in residence.


Father's Day

What a fantastic way to celebrate our dads and the father figures in our lives with our Father’s Day assembly last Friday. A big thank you to Ben Gray, the band members of Bon Jovi, Cold Chisel, ACDC, The Beatles and John Denver, and those who shared their messages of love for their dads. I hope all our dads, granddads and father figures had a great day on Sunday.


Library News: Read all about it!

We have been very busy completing works of poetry in Library lessons. The students have been doing some great work. Some examples will be included in next week’s Newsletter.

This week I have enclosed two articles: One called “I’m Bored” and the other titled, “Getting Kids Active”. I thought this was timely as holidays will soon be upon us. I hope you find them interesting. Please remember to continue to read to your children over the holidays, and if they can be persuaded, get them to read to you and thus practise what they have been learning at school. Make it a fun experience for all!

Parish Fete

The date for our Parish Fete this year is Friday, 28th November. Planning has begun and there are lots of different ways to help. If you’d like to be on the Fete Committee please see contact details on the current newsletter.


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