P&F Association

The Parents and Friends' Association is an integral part of the Catholic School Community and is the formal structure which has as its membership all parents and teachers in the school. It plays a vital role in the Church's Education Apostolate through the Catholic school. Through family enrolment at our school every parent is automatically a member of St Joseph’s Parents and Friends Association.  The Parents and Friends Association provides a social aspect to school life which offers support and friendship to all families involved in our school.

P&F meetings at St Joseph's school are at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

In carrying out its role the Parents and Friends' Association:

  • Strives to develop in the school a real community of parents, teachers and students which reflects a truly Christian ethos.
  • Works collaboratively with the principal and staff in pursuit of common goals
  • Promotes St. Joseph's School in the wider community
  • Ensures that a high level of interaction exists between the home and school, and parents and teachers
  • Encourages all parents into active participation and personal involvement in the learning activities and life of the school
  • Assist parents to understand better and to appreciate more fully the teaching and learning programmes being implemented in the school
  • Gives special attention to working collaboratively with the appropriate teachers in the faith education programmes and activities
  • Creates a healthy forum for ideas to be discussed on any relevant issue that will benefit the education of the children or the school community

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