Frequently Asked Questions

​Why choose St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School? 

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School has a strong faith tradition and a deep attachment to the Benedictine tradition of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, affectionately known as the "Good Sams". The harmonious co-existence of this tradition with contemporary pedagogy, dedicated and professional staff and flexible learning spaces, engender a community where each student has the opportunity to pursue their talents and interests in a caring and supportive environment. 

What is the ethos and charism of St Joseph’s? 

We are proud to embrace the Benedictine tradition of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan which places strong emphasis on education and the importance of balance in life between work, prayer and recreation. Every St Joseph student will be encouraged to live and uphold Catholic values and – without exception – be compassionate. 

Do I need to be Catholic? 

No. You – and your child - do not need to be Catholic to attend St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. Enrolment applications may be made, regardless of your faith background. Catholic families outside our Parish, and non-Catholics who support the ethos of an inclusive and community-centric education, are warmly welcomed to our community. St Joseph’s Catholic primary school is a place which welcomes all who genuinely seek to be part of the life of the school and wish to share in a vibrant, well-resourced learning environment, based on Catholic faith and values. 

How much Religious Education is there? 

It is a requirement that a minimum of 2.5 hours per week of religious teaching is provided in both primary and secondary Catholic schools. The Religious Education Curriculum P-12 enables students to progressively develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic Christian tradition and an empathetic understanding of the major world religions, as well as be respectful of how believers of various religions live out their respective religious beliefs. The Religion Curriculum interacts with and is reinforced by the religious life of our school which aims to nurture and enrich the religious and spiritual development of students through prayer, celebration of the liturgy, faith formation and social justice activities (e.g. St Vincent de Paul’s Winter Appeal). This approach respects learners and promotes critical thinking so that students are able to relate it to their own life and positively contribute to building a better world. St Joseph’s, like all other schools follows and teaches the Australian curriculum. Our schools exist to offer a faith education so the religious education program is a distinctive feature of our curriculum. 

How are the classes grouped? 

In 2021, we have the following class groups: 

  • Prep/One (23 students) 
  • Year 2/3 (20 students) 
  • Year 4/5 (13 students) 
  • Year 6 (12 students)

Can I arrange a time to view the school in action? 

At St Joseph’s, we welcome and encourage you to see the school in action. Please call administration on 4161 1889 to arrange a mutually convenient time. Our Principal, Bec O’Connor and Assistant Principal, Steph Barnes will be delighted to speak with you and to show you around the learning community. 

What opportunities does the school offer in Sport and The Arts? 

Each term, all students participate in a sport which is delivered by a qualified coach. Some sports undertaken in previous years, have included touch football, AFL, athletics and cricket. In Term 4, all students participate in the school’s swimming program. St Joseph’s is also well representative at District sports, with many of our students representing North Burnett and Wide Bay in various sports. The school also participates in various Gala Days and compete against other schools within the District. 

The Arts learning area consists of Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, and Visual Arts. In the classroom, students are immersed in these subjects from The Arts which build students’ creativity and communication skills. Classroom lessons have had involved students in singing, learning to read and write music, playing classroom instruments and appreciation of classics and contemporary music styles. Drama and dance activities were also pursued during lessons and students get the opportunity to use these skills in performance activities such as talent shows and concerts for our local community (e.g. Gunther Village, School Fete) 

​St Joseph’s is blessed to offer an instrumental program. It is a comprehensive tuition program, delivered my Jen Bryant, a qualified instrumental teacher, in which students learn orchestral or band instruments through instruction on an individual and group basis. St Joseph’s also offers Drumbeat to our Year 3 – 6 students. The program is facilitated by Jen Bryant (Instrumental Music Teacher) and Dave Francis (Guidance Counsellor) to groups of 8-10 students across 8 -10 sessions over a school term. The African djembe drum is a perfect medium for this program – it’s easy to play (reduces fear of failure), it’s powerful (demands attention) and playing is physical (releases tension). Participants learn how to cooperate, collaborate and communicate without the threat of misunderstanding and judgement that dialogue can bring. Furthermore, the program… 

  • Engages young people quickly through music 
  • Provides a sense of connectedness with self and others 
  • Is non-competitive and fun 
  • Allows for pro-social, creative self-expression 
  • Reduces tension, stress and anxiety 

How do I enrol? 

Prospective families are encouraged to fill out the enrolment expression of interest form here

What are the school’s start and finish times?

8.40am to 3.00pm

When can my child begin Prep? 

It is compulsory for all Queensland children to undertake a full-time Prep year, prior to Year 1. To be eligible to enrol in Prep your child must turn 5 by 30 June in the year of attendance in Prep. For more information please refer to the Queensland Government Early ​Entry into Prep

What will it cost? 

The school strives to keep fees to a minimum and no student is denied enrolment in a Catholic school purely on the basis of genuine inability to pay fees. We always strive to ensure a Catholic education is as affordable as possible, help families when needed and offer significant discounts for more than one child. You can view our fee schedule​ here. This covers all books and stationery. Flexible payment arrangements are available. If you are unable to pay school fees because of your family’s circumstances that results in financial hardship, you are invited to confidentially approach the school's finance secretary or principal, who will respond to the situation with care and sensitivity.​