What does St Joseph's offer?

​​The St Joseph’s School Family

St Joseph’s School is a Catholic co-educational primary school catering for students from Prep to Year 6.  Our school family encompasses both the school community and St Joseph’s Parish.  St Joseph’s School fosters a secure and friendly environment where positive and healthy relationships are nurtured. Our professional staff is highly motivated and makes every effort to assist each child to achieve their very best.  Our staff members are extremely approachable and encourage active communication with parents.

A Nurturing Environment

At St Joseph’s, the self-worth of each individual, staff or student is respected.
  • We endeavour to assist children in their spiritual, emotional, physical, academic and social growth.
  • We provide a “whole school” approach to planning, implementing and monitoring of education programs
    so that the individual needs of each child can be successfully addressed.
  • St Joseph’s School has implemented a Behaviour Management program that is a process involving all staff, parents and every student from Preparatory Year to Year 6 teaching the expected, appropriate behaviours.

Community Partnerships

 At St Joseph’s, we believe that parent involvement enriches our family-oriented school.  We encourage parents  to be actively involved in their children’s education through a variety of means including:
  • Tuckshop volunteer
  • Volunteer at school athletics events or excursions
  • St Joseph’s Board Member
  • Parents and Friends Association participant
Children are provided with opportunities to be active members of the wider community through regular visits to the Aged Care Facility and involvement in local festivals and events.

Our School Offers:

  • An education which promotes the Gospel values of love and respect for others.
  • Spacious grounds.
  • Modern classrooms.
  • Information and Communication Learning Technologies integrated into everyday classroom experiences.
  • Multi-purpose court (tennis, basketball, netball)
  • Age specific play equipment
  • Extensive library facility
  • Biennial Year 4-6 camp program
  • Upper School Leadership opportunities
  • A learning support teacher
  • Visiting Speech Pathologist